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17 June 2024
18 June 2024

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Sustainable development

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WelcomINNS goes green

Together we make the difference, every little bit helps!


The sensible use of resources and sustainable development are always uppermost in our minds. WelcomINNS’ objective is to protect the environment and reduce the use of energy.


  • Reusing your towels helps save water and detergent which is good for our planet. Please hang your towels if you wish to use them again or place them in the tub if you would like fresh ones.


  • The bed sheets in our guest rooms are changed every other day of your stay. This small gesture will greatly reduce our water and detergent consumption. Should you prefer to have your bed sheets changed daily, just let any one of  our team members know, by phoning or dropping by the front desk.


  • Before leaving the room, please think to turn off the lights, the air conditioning and any other electrical appliances. These actions while apparently small have a considerable effect on the environment.


  • The “ Blue Box ” in your guest room is for recycling glass, plastic, cardboard and paper.


  • If you find that the tap in the basin or in the bathtub is dripping or if the toilet is running, please advise us so that we can make the repairs as soon as possible and limit the wastage of water.


Recycling doesn’t only happen at home,
together we can make lasting changes which will benefit the environment starting now.


green key

The WelcomINNS Hotel is proud to hold 3 keys to the Green Key Eco-Rating Program.